March 9, 2020

Best Garmin Vívofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular In India 2020 Amazon Review

Best Garmin Vívofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular In India 2020 Amazon Review

Best Garmin Vívofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular In India 

  • 1 year battery life
  • Shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes and time of day on backlit display and monitors sleep
  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and audible alert
  • Vivofit 3

    Move IQ

    Whether you’re walking around the office or going for a jog, vivofit 3 can automatically detect your activity using Garmin Move IQ and display it on Garmin Connect. Wear it comfortably 24/7 to monitor sleep and count steps. Even get a reminder to move after an hour of inactivity. It’s water resistant, has a 1-year battery life ,and can be dressed up with interchangeable bands.

  • Garmin Connect Mobile App

    Concise, easy-to-understand charts, graphs, maps and more let you view your activities, track progress toward goals and wirelessly upload and share relevant data directly with the online Garmin Connect network.

    Move IQ captures different activities automatically, and allows you to view them on Garmin Connect.


    Reviewed in India on 18 June 2018

  • Garmin Vivofit 3 offers a good balance of features, design and price. I did much looking around for what I needed, before I decided on this fitness tracker.

    Who this is for:
    For an basic user who wants to track her fitness metrics but wants a reliable set up. People who run (need accuracy in running as well as need heart rate metrics) will likely not find this useful as as Vivofit 3 only supports ANT+ heart monitor, but does not have one in built. Setting this up is a three step process, it took less than a minute, but needs a separate strap. Worked out for me since I already own a Geonaute heart strap.

    Above par: It does a little more than other premium brand trackers at this price: it counts steps and shows steps remaining, estimates calories, measures sleep quality, offers multiple faces, gets you going with the red bar warning, has a timer, activity type detection with MoveIQ and the best part is the button cell which lasts a year (as per usage, as reported widely) and can be easily replaced. In other words does not require charging weekly etc.

    Why Garmin:
    It offers one the best if not the best apps on the mobile to look at what your numbers mean. Budget trackers have pathetic apps that are clunky at best. Garmin and Garmin Connect have been helping serious athletes (professionals too, as applies).

    If you remember that a tracker is just a sensor with minimum display and the works are really in the app and how you use it, you’ll see that this offers a lot.

    The design:
    It’s a fitness tracker design, and does not look like a watch, does not have jewel like lights that some might prefer for the accessory look. It is functional and also the screen is readable in daylight outside too (checked).

    It’s waterproof (up to 160m) and can be worn in swimming and in the rain. I don’t know the accuracy aspects of swimming metrics. Please check.

    The strap has a unique lock system and strapping it on is actually less firmer than it seems, give that the strap is all silicone which is pretty stretchable. After I got the hang of it, I thought it could be be used securely. But this is one down side I felt to this tracker.

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